Staff Ciampino & Company, P.C. Certified Public Accountants provides a full range of accounting services, including accounting for specialized businesses, to Albany, NY and the surrounding areas. No matter what industry your company is involved in, we can help manage and accurately report your finances. Call us today to discuss accounting for any of the industries below:

Construction   |   Hospitality   |   Manufacturing   |   Medical Practices   |   Not-for-Profit
Retailers & Wholesalers
  |   Professional Services   |   Real Estate

Increased profitability in an increasingly competitive and cost sensitive economy is often a greater challenge in the construction industry.  Solid Financial and cost management is key to profitability and success. At Staff Ciampino & Company, our knowledge of the specific issues and opportunities that surround the construction industry runs both broad and deep resulting in expertise and service.

Staff Ciampino & Company is dedicated to providing services to hotel and restaurant owners. Our accountants and advisors fully understand the impact that unsettled workforce issues, consumer demand, spiking operating costs have on the ability to reach consumers.  Our partners will work with you to help you make your operations more profitable.

Remaining competitive and profitable within a highly global economy affects manufacturers perhaps more so than any other industry. At Staff Ciampino & Company, we understand the unique challenges manufacturers’ face, such as controlling skyrocketing energy and labor costs, competitive pricing, maintaining and improving product quality, tight delivery schedules, hiring and retaining a qualified labor force, increasing government regulations and more. Our specialists not only understand these challenges, but they have the experience and the skills to deal with them-from inventory control systems to costing structures to assistance in raising capital for equipment and facilities improvement.  

Medical Practices
Medical Practices and health care service providers are facing extreme challenges with the rising cost of medical care, decreased reimbursement from insurance companies and increased government regulations. These issues are dramatically affecting not only profitability but productivity as well. At Staff Ciampino & Company we have worked with many health care providers from primary care physicians to specialty practices in such areas as improving cash flow, increasing profitability and designing compensation plans. Our health care industry experts have also assisted start up practices as well as those buying, merging, or selling their practices.  

Accounting and finance are critical to the administration of your organization, but should never be a distraction and prevent you from fulfilling your mission. At Staff Ciampino & Company, we take a holistic approach to serving non-profits. With the experienced and skilled professionals at Staff Ciampino & Company you can rest assured your finances are in order, leaving more time to focus on achieving your goals.  Only seasoned, experienced staff is assigned to your non-profit engagements. Furthermore, our staff is available to you throughout the year, not just during the audit. We respond to your questions and needs quickly, and you’ll find our work to be timely and of the highest quality.

Retailers & Wholesalers
A changing economy, rising costs, and shrinking margins have caused retailers and wholesalers tough management decisions.  Staff Ciampino & Company understands the challenges and opportunities the changing economic marketplace presents.  We can help support your business objectives and operations.  Contact us today.

Professional Services
Whether it is a law firm or an advertising agency, an architectural firm or insurance agency, professional services firms must draw upon human capital and intellectual property as the key resources for generating revenue.  Staff Ciampino & Company has assisted numerous professional firms with management, financial, and operational areas of their business.  Just some of these areas include succession planning to ensure a smooth transition from shareholder to shareholder, expert tax planning, and compliance to improve profitability and employee benefits plan administration to attract and retain valuable employees. 

Real Estate
At Staff Ciampino & Company we have a long history of service to the real estate industry with a client list that includes developers, property management firms and real estate investors. In an industry where minimizing tax liability is of the highest priority, clients have come to rely upon us in dealing with the real estate tax issues. 

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