Financial  Accountability

The public has high expectations of churches and other religious organizations.  Day after day, thousands in ministry work tirelessly and selflessly to address spiritual and physical needs, only to find the public casting a wary eye on them due to the highly publicized misdeeds of a few.

Donors recognize that enormous needs exist, and they want to respond generously to those needs.  But they also want to be sure that optimum use of their sacrificial gifts is employed by the charities they support.

And as leaders of your ministry, the responsibility for fiscal accountability falls upon YOU!

Sound accounting controls and procedures are not just for ministries with large administrative staffs.  Procedures can be implemented that enhance the safeguarding of assets while not over-taxing the valuable resources of the ministry - its volunteers. 

Financial accountability is the natural outgrowth of proper ministry leadership.  Provision of clear, basic explanations of financial activity starts with a detailed record of transactions and implementation of sound fiscal controls, and evolves to adequate reporting to members, boards and other constituents.

Is your house in order? 

What We Do

Our goal is to work within the confines of your current staffing to establish sound processes and controls over the finances of you ministry. Our recommendations are not “the textbook”, but rather tailored to your own unique circumstances and structure. Our engagements typically include:

  • Interviews with you and your staff to derive a detailed understanding of your ministry and your current procedures.
  • A review of the adequacy of the current controls, and if applicable, a testing of those controls to determine adherence.
  • A review of organizing documents and certificates and internally documented procedures.
  • Testing of specific transactions to determine cost savings opportunities and to enhance effectiveness of processes.
  • A review of the role that the oversight board, or applicable committee, takes in the management of the ministry’s finances.
  • A review of current and pending legislation and determine its impact on your ministry.

At the end of the engagement, a detailed written report will be provided to the leadership identifying weaknesses, and our “real life” recommendations for improving structure and procedures to attain proper financial accountability.

Our reviews range from a few hours of one-on-one consultations on specific matters to detailed engagements reviewing every aspect of the ministry’s financial operations. 

We invite you to contact us to set up a FREE initial consultation.